Hi, I am Yannick and I am an Ecological Economist.

This webpage combines my scientific work, resources for teaching, my expertise on ecological economics and a spare time blog for developing ideas or commenting on contemporary issues.

I am currently at the University of Leeds. I have a wide range of interests that go most into depths in (all of-) economics, sustainable energy and data science. Other interests of mine are complexity science, AI, history, math, space, sports, nature. The name "collective-mind" stands for a vision --- The vision that humankind masters its social conflicts, coordinates its actions and achieves sustainability. So it stands for high degree of "collective intelligence" (thought it would be better to name a webpage after some idea rather than giving it my own name). This definitely entails that there are cooperative and reciprocal relationships between people that result in deliberate alignment to tackle whatever problem needs tackling. This is what the Figure below illustrates. But, on a more personal note, it is also a reference to my father's work who has applied complexity science to team processes and project management throughout his life.

My work in energy demand and inequality, I consider to be foundational work towards this collective-mind because equity and adequate resource provisioning, but in line with planetary boundaries, are fundamental for human flourishing.

I am deeply influenced, by the climate crisis and its connection to energy consumption. It is the golden thread that pervades my career so far. We do try to find solutions for social disparities and the climate challenge at the University of Leeds and can show that they are strongly intertwined. I am grateful for Julia Steinberger's mentoring. Other strong influences in my life were from computational biology and swarm robotics, lead by Prof. Thomas Schmickl at the University of Graz. Or from complexity science at the Santa Fe Institute and its online learning community.

I do believe that an integrative mindset, focusing on the big-picture, is what is most valuable to scientific inquiry but also to socio-political organizing. Of course zeroing in on issues can be critical: For instance solving ecological and social crisis is worldwide a top priority now and carefully crafting policy with an eye for details is of utmost importance.

Please get in contact if interested in cooperating or just like that. Feedback is always welcome. My twitter and Linkedin can always be found at bottom of the page.

Extremely short CV/Qualifications:

B.A. International Energy Management. (2012-2015, Karlshochschule)

M.Sc. International Sustainable Development (2015-2018, University of Graz, Utrecht University and TERI University)

PhD candidate Ecological Economics (2018-present, University of Leeds)

Over the years, I also did a couple of pure maths courses at the Distance University of Hagen and several online courses in programming, modelling, and otherwise mostly more maths.

Long CV.

Yannick Oswald

E-mail: y-oswald@web.de