Publications by Yannick Oswald

Journal Publications

Oswald, Y., Owen, A. & Steinberger, J.K. Large inequality in international and intranational energy footprints between income groups and across consumption categories. Nat Energy 5, 231–239 (2020).

Conference Publications

Oswald, Y. and Schmickl, T. (2017). Ultimate Ecology: How a Socio-Economic Game Can Evolve into a Resilient Ecosystem of Agents. Proceedings of 2017 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence. ALIFE Symposium.Download

Elsland, R.; Klingler, A.-L.; Degner, P.; Oswald, Y.; Wietschel, M (2015). Are current regionalisation approaches sufficient to decompose electricity demand? – A German case study, 10th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology (ENERDAY), Dresden, 2015.Download

Popular Media

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